NVu not is Ubuntu Distributions?

Xurxo F. xurxo13 at terra.es
Sat May 12 10:42:43 BST 2007

2007-05-09 (水) の 21:48 -0500 に Howard Coles Jr. さんは書きました:
> On Wednesday 09 May 2007 06:12:51 pm Matthew Flaschen wrote:
> > WJ Seidl wrote:
> > > Ummm...I went to kompozer.net, and the project page says that
> "kompozer
> > > is a wysiwig HTML editor".

> Back on the subject, kompozer is not in the repos either.  
Just download the dapper version for Kompozer (NVU might be there too,
but Kompozer works better). Hope it will be in the repos next time.

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