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Thu May 10 19:26:40 BST 2007

On 5/10/07, WJ Seidl <wjsvt at> wrote:
> I can ping each of the other computers, including the wireless ones.
> I have an internet connection on the Linux box, working fine through
> that router (using Firefox and Konqueror), and can send and receive
> email through Thunderbird. It configured itself, all I did was plug in
> the ethernet cable...a fact for which I am grateful.)
> However, I cannot seem to find the place (K-menu?) in which I should be
> able to "see" the other desktops, such as you can in "Network Places" on
> the XP boxes. Also, so far I cannot connect to any of the printers (2)
> connected to the network through the other computers.  They are "local"
> printers each connected to a desktop being shared on the network.

You should go to the KDE menu under Internet -> Connection and look for

This is the client.  If your local computers are in a Workgroup - put that
in the Settings information.  You might not even need that, though, it might
be able to figure it out.

I don't know of a good reference manual for you.  Sorry.

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