But for all of the problems......

anthony baldwin anthony.baldwin01 at comcast.net
Thu May 10 02:39:33 BST 2007

Stew Schneider wrote:

>Mark Wallace wrote:
>>But for all of the first month glitches that 7.04 is showing, It's hard
>>to deny that it is a fantastic thing.  I see a hundred little bug fixes
>>from previous versions.  It has definitely passed Windoze in the
>>diversity of it's offerings and it's overall versatility.
>The thing I noticed right away was a vast improvement in multimedia. 
>Edgy would hang a few seconds into a youtube video (I know...I 
>know...but I'm old, and if I wanna waste my time, I will) more times 
>than not. Feisty is flawless. Don't know what got fixed, but it is most 
Still using Dapper, and it doesn´t hang on youtube.


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