Dell to offer Ubuntu 7.04 on selected desk/laptops

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Tue May 8 19:43:46 BST 2007

I was just asking opinions, or maybe for information that someone had that
others didn't.  I realize that anything is possible, but I saw this and
started thinking along the lines of Redhat, or Suse.  I know that both still
offer "free" editions.  I guess I was wondering how close Unbuntu, and such
were to the Debian model, which I believe no one owns... Someone correct me
if I am wrong, and if there is the possibility the Unbuntu may move toward
the Redhat or Suse type structure.

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On Tuesday 08 May 2007 17:38:14 Donn wrote:
> > Fair enough, but I still really don't see the point or propriety of such
> > speculation here.
> manchicken - you tickled my irk-bone briefly -- speculation and discussion
> is perfectly valid, and please don't bottom-post under a mile of reply-to
> without at least editing out all the stuff that's not relevant.
> There - I'm all better now.

Didn't say all speculation.  Just this particular bit of quite likely 
uninformed speculation.  I find it's best to bottom-post without removing

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