Realplayer in firefox is quite slow.

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Tue May 8 16:15:01 BST 2007

Possibly increasing the buffer.  If you do that, it will take longer to 
start playing, but will have more of the stream in memory.

Check the settings within Real Player and be sure that it isn't trying 
to support a faster connection than you have.

Be sure, too, that you don't have another program running that is 
slowing your whole system down.  A crucial difference between Linux and 
Windows is that when you close and restart Windows, the only programs 
that start are the ones on a list.  With Linux, if you restart the 
system and there is a process running, it will pick up where it left 
off unless you kill it per se.

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Subject: Realplayer in firefox is quite slow.

   setup realplayer on my box for the first time yesterday. Install 
seemed to go
quite well. I installed it to /usr/local/Realplayer just for simplicity 

After the installer was done and it had created the symlinks, i 
symlinked the
mozilla plugin to my fire plugins folder.

Real player works within the browser, but it's really choppy and the 
distorts somewhat. I'm running on 3 meg cable and trying to watch some
internet tv. i would think i have plenty of bandwidth for such a thing.

Any Ideas???

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