Dell to offer Ubuntu 7.04 on selected desk/laptops

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Tue May 8 03:09:32 BST 2007

Mark Wallace wrote:
> I thought that it was part of the default install with Ubuntu.   It is so critical to the functioning of Firefox that you couldn't leave it 
> out.  It either was or Firefox took you almost immediately to the plug in finder

That's it.

> because all of those visuals that flash, like adds, run with Falshplayer.

I block ads with AdBlock Plus so that's not an issue. :)

>  It would be impractical to surf the net without flashplayer because almost every page would have puzzle pieces on it.

That's an exaggeration.  The only flash content I /want/ to see is
videos (why would you use a complex, proprietary, interactive
environment just to show a video), and I can often find workarounds for

Matt Flaschen

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