Gnome-desktop from Kubuntu

Chris Maaskant gch2 at
Mon May 7 23:40:48 BST 2007

Rashid ul Islam schreef:

> If I recall correctly...I think I had a similar experience with
> SuSE...never tried Debian though.

Well with suse nowadays what might happen is that the menus get a little
clutterd, but both desktops look and feel OK.
> I don't understand...what does debian do to keep both environments clean,
> that Ubuntu doesn't?

It's what debian doesn't do that makes the differents.
Debian keeps kde and gnome as they are, no or little modifications are
The *buntu distro's i think have a filosofie that a users only wants to use
1 desktop enviroment.
It is all gnome or all kde.

But when in debian if your running kde and decide to install gnome, that is
all that will happen, gnome gets installed.
Debian doesn't assume that because you've installed gnome you also want all
your stuff handled by gnome apps.
It just installs gnome as a extra desktop enviroment.

Drawback from that method is that you'll have a less polished desktop.
But you can have your polished desktop, it just takes some effort from you.
So debian is less newbie friendly in this matter.
And that is what the *buntu distro's are all about, being newbie friendly.
Chris Maaskant.

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