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Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Fri May 4 16:24:04 BST 2007

Greetings all;

This is a resend as there has been no response as yet.  And slightly expanded.

The emc2 project uses (k)ubuntu 6.06 LTS for the base os to run EMC2 on.  It 
does this precisely because we need the long term stability, and emc doesn't 
have to have the latest bells and whistles for its realtime kernel 
modifications the machinery needs.

EMC is a machine control program to control milling machines, lathes, and even 
whats called milling centers, some of which can run to the 100 ton area for 
weight.  But mine is a little puny at about 150 pounds.

I had to reinstall due to a dumbass on my part, I had killed the root account 
thinking that would restore sudo to normal operation, and rather than dig up 
a kubuntu 6.06 cd, I grabbed the more recent kubuntu 6.06 live dvd and 
installed that.

This EMC program very badly needs the use of the fkeys, which did work just 
fine as the normal user when the cd install was in effect.

But now, with the live dvd installed, I find that all this control must be 
done using the mouse, which if the machine is running away at 30 to 600 
inches a minute, is going to break a lot of stuff while we're fishing for the 
mouse, finding the right icon, and killing it.  Even a simple carbide milling 
tool for my teeny machine is $20 or more.

How can I restore access to the fkeys and esc functions this program needs, 
while running as a normal user?  I cannot find, in the tools available, a 
method of changing the keyboard proper, such as being able to select between 
pc104/pc105 and pc108 styles, only its repeat rates and such seem to be 

These function keys need to function both for control convenience, and for 
safety concerns.

Cheers, Gene
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