make a 'save as' of emails in Kmail and save in an KDE folder

Wolfgang Schuch w.schuch at
Thu May 3 08:38:48 BST 2007

On Wednesday 02 May 2007 20:27:05 Donn wrote:
> >  I made a test: i made a 'save as' t an KDE-folder, then went to KMail
> > File -> import messages -> selected "import mxbox (UNIX,Evolution)" -> GO
> > ->then opened the home/.... files ->searched and selected the file to
> > been opened - click on "open" -> click on finish.
> >
> > Later I found in the local folders of KMail a folder "MXBOX-....". I
> > opened this folder and there it was the email, including the attachments,
> > which also could be opened easily ...
> Exactly right!
> > is there a way, using the grafic way, to install this app called
> > 'uudeview'? If yes, that would be the solution I've been looking for ...
> It's only command-line, but don't be afraid of the console!!!
> Try:

please excuse my missing experience with the console, As I understand, I have 
to open the console as sudo, and then enter:

 apt-get install uudeview
> I *think* it's in the "Universe" repos, so you must enable those (Use Adept
> to do so.)
What do yuo mean please with the "Universe" repos and how shall I enable them?
> After it's installed:
> man uudeview
I guess you mean still beeing in the console, right?
> should show the manual. Use arrow up/down to read it and Q to quit. Make
> notes. Play around.
> > for the moment thank you so much!
> Glad it worked :D
sorry for beeing such a greenhorn ...
> /d

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