AVG antivirus update in Kubuntu

Goh Lip gohlip at operamail.com
Thu May 3 08:19:18 BST 2007

WJ Seidl wrote :
> Thanks to all who responded to my problem.  I managed
> to get the update by opening a terminal window and using the sudo
> avgupdate -o command
> as suggested.  It still doesn't work in the GUI, but once I know (a lot)
> more about Linux, I will
> work on that little issue.
> Coming from a Windows environment, one is constantly reminded of the
> part of Murphy's Law
> that states "Make something idiot proof, and the world will build a
> better idiot".  With virii today,
> one can't be too careful; and for someone who (still) knows little about
> Linux, I wouldn't be able to tell if
> something were amiss or not.  Lack of knowledge is a terrible thing,
> like trying to breathe vacuum.
> There is certainly a steep learning curve to Linux, isn't there!
> Thanks again to all who responded.
 I thought someone had replied that you can work the GUI by being root.
Try opening a command (Alt +F2), check the box " run as different user ",
enter your root password, and key in the command "avggui" (no quote marks) and enter.
This should open up the gui, you can update and scan your selected computer files, and as someone had mentioned, usually for the Windows files.

When I started with Linux about 3 yrs back, I deliberately and stubornly tried not to use command lines in the shell. Told myself that I don't need to be a mechanic to drive a car. I still feel that this should be the case. But, it is much simpler, easier and more powerful using the command lines. Using my lame analogy, its like the car comes with 4WD, turbo on the fly, manual or auto transmission, etc.. if you want it, or you can auto pilot if you cant drive well.
Also the Ubuntu/Kubuntu guys are so....nice. Seriously, most other Linux guys, in my opinion, are more arrogant and nastier than, you know, the Windows bunch. They dont tell you to RTFM,(I think the F doesnt stand for "freaking"); that Linux is NOT for dumbheads like us, etc. So I would read their forums when I have a problem and wouldn't ask or help and hope I would find a solution. Now, seeing that you still cant update or run the GUI on AVG, and the nice guys replying to you are way too deep for us, I thought I like to help.
Hope it does.
Ah, Linux is not too difficult for dumbheads like me.


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