Wifi and wpa

Geiger Zoltán geigerzoli at freemail.hu
Wed May 2 20:10:28 BST 2007

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>> >> Geiger Zolt?n wrote:
>>> >>> Dear All,
>>> >>>
>>> >>> I have an IBM T40 laptop with an Aironet built-in wireless card.
>>> >>> Internet connection works when there is no security and it works
>>> >>> wep but it does not with wpa. This (7.04) is the third kubuntu
version I
>>> >>> tried it but it never worked. I think I tried everything. New
>>> >>> wpa_supplicant, knetworkmanager and so on. Anyway it works under
>>> >>> so the card is able to handle wpa. When I try to use ndiswrapper
it says
>>> >>> invalid driver...
>> >> Have you tried the lastest Wlanassistant? It is supposed to be
able to
>> >> handle wpa
>> >>
>> >> Sinclair
> >
> > Yes, I tried wlassistant but it does not handle wpa at least which comes
> >  with 7.04. I think it should be a driver problem but it is only an
> > Regards,
> > Zoltan
try the latest version, found at sourgeforge. You will have to compile
though. I found a deb-package "somewhere" but cant figure out/remember


Thanks for the idea, I tried this version and it handles wpa, but it
still does not connect. I think this cisco card is not so well supported
by linux and maybe I should buy a pcmcia card. Does anyone have an idea
which would be the best? BTW thanks for the help!

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