memory stick question

Terence Simpson stdin at
Thu Mar 29 19:51:23 BST 2007

anthony baldwin wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for your help on the monitor...Looks great.
> Now, I just ordered a new computer.
> I was going to just buy a mobo/cpu combo and upgrade this one,
> but, for the same price, I found a whole machine with the same CPU, etc.
> Now, when it arrives, it will have one 512mb stick.
> Do I have to precisely match that stick to add another?  It has slots 
> for two, and supports
> up to 2gb.
> I mean, would it work to add another 512mb stick, but not the same 
> brand, etc.?
> And, what if I added a 1024 next to the existing 512?  Would that be bad?
> I am inclined to believe that I need matching memory, but if I am wrong, 
> and these
> other configurations are possible, I would like to know.
> Likely, I´ll probably just buy two 1024mb sticks shortly, anyway, but, I 
> am curious.
> tony
You can add another stick, and they don't have to be the same brand, or 
even the same capacity. I have a 1GB stick and a 512MB stick in my box. 
They are different brands and different capacity,  works fine.
The only thing is to make sure you use the same type of RAM, i.e. both 
of mine are PC3200.
It's not a great idea to mix different types.


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