Monitor says 'Sync. out of range - 81.2 kHz/ 65 Hz"...

Wulfy wulfmann at
Thu Mar 29 15:20:55 BST 2007

John D. Herron wrote:
> Hi, all.
> My dual-boot (Dapper 6.06 LTS + Win 98 SE) box has a Samsung 
> SyncMaster 171MP LCD monitor that works well at 1280x1024.
> Yesterday, in an effort to gain some more screen real-estate, stupid 
> me played around with 'enhancing' the monitor's resolution by moving 
> the knob on the 'Display' resolution slide-bar up by a notch or two. 
> For a time I did indeed have more desktop space available (I was able 
> with the mouse to move around the contents of the desktop beyond the 
> limits of the monitor's physical boundaries). I worked with the new 
> setup for a few hours, then rebooted into Windows to do some database 
> work.
> When I later tried to go back to Dapper, the boot sequence went 
> flawlessly until it was far enough to switch from text mode to the KDE 
> login dialog, but the dialog never came up: instead, the monitor went 
> black and displayed in small red letters a message reading 'Sync. out 
> of range - 81.2 kHz/ 65 Hz". I had no other way to get out of that 
> quandary but to physically reset the box. A Samsung call-center 
> technician told me that the preset max. res. for this monitor is 
> 1280x1024.
> I was then able to launch Dapper in protected mode with no problem 
> (got to where I had a console prompt), but my console latin is almost 
> non-existent (I just a few days back started a tutorial in Linux...).
> Can anyone suggest what I might do to reset the monitor so as to be 
> able to get my KDE up and working again?
> Is there some workaround I could apply in console mode, can I repair 
> it with the alternative ISO or will I need to re-install Dapper 
> altogether?
> Thanks for any help you can give.
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> John D. Herron
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dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg will sort it out.

I hope this helps.  :@)



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