Monitor says 'Sync. out of range - 81.2 kHz/ 65 Hz"...

John D. Herron paradox.herron at
Thu Mar 29 13:58:54 BST 2007

Hi, all.
My dual-boot (Dapper 6.06 LTS + Win 98 SE) box has a Samsung SyncMaster 
171MP LCD monitor that works well at 1280x1024.
Yesterday, in an effort to gain some more screen real-estate, stupid me 
played around with 'enhancing' the monitor's resolution by moving the 
knob on the 'Display' resolution slide-bar up by a notch or two. For a 
time I did indeed have more desktop space available (I was able with the 
mouse to move around the contents of the desktop beyond the limits of 
the monitor's physical boundaries). I worked with the new setup for a 
few hours, then rebooted into Windows to do some database work.
When I later tried to go back to Dapper, the boot sequence went 
flawlessly until it was far enough to switch from text mode to the KDE 
login dialog, but the dialog never came up: instead, the monitor went 
black and displayed in small red letters a message reading 'Sync. out of 
range - 81.2 kHz/ 65 Hz". I had no other way to get out of that quandary 
but to physically reset the box. A Samsung call-center technician told 
me that the preset max. res. for this monitor is 1280x1024.
I was then able to launch Dapper in protected mode with no problem (got 
to where I had a console prompt), but my console latin is almost 
non-existent (I just a few days back started a tutorial in Linux...).
Can anyone suggest what I might do to reset the monitor so as to be able 
to get my KDE up and working again?
Is there some workaround I could apply in console mode, can I repair it 
with the alternative ISO or will I need to re-install Dapper altogether?
Thanks for any help you can give.
John D. Herron
e-mail    paradox.herron at

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