anyone running Kubuntu & vmware, or kubuntu & codeweavers?

Daniel Pittman daniel at
Wed Mar 28 15:04:04 BST 2007

Art Alexion <art.alexion at> writes:
> On Tuesday 27 March 2007 19:44, Earl Violet wrote:
>> did you try "sudo deborphan"?
> I installed deborphan and its GUI gtkorphan.  I have run it a few
> times to identify libs it thinks are orphaned, but it appears to
> identify some libs as orphaned when I don't think they are.  I am
> nervous about using it.

My personal preference is to use aptitude(8) to install and manage
packages.  Aside from being a good and responsive curses UI it has the
nice feature of tracking automatically installed packages.

It works just like deborphan except that, you know, being the way you
install packages it has absolute knowledge of what you did or did not
ask it to do.

If you want this sort of extra cleverness then I suggest you trial
aptitude before trialing tools that try to reverse engineer the
information that aptitude *knows.*

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