fdutils stopped working

Denis Gaulin 2050gaulin at videotron.ca
Wed Mar 28 02:52:11 BST 2007

March 27, 2007

	I use Kubuntu, 6.067LTS  with my old MSI , K7 PRO, MSI-6195 everything worked 
fine until I wanted to use my old floppy drive ( fd0 ).  It does not operate 
anymore even if   fdutils is installed, I tried to uninstall + reinstall 
several time through Adept, then through the terminal   with this command: 
mount /mnt/floppy ...   THIS COMMAND DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE I guessed! Because 
fdutils is automatic I understand..
   I looked at the literature for floppy  drive  and it said that there was a 
problem or bug with this utility but no fix.... seems available
Is there a fix, upgrade or another way to get it to work....

Denis Gaulin

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