[kubuntu-users] Re: [kubuntu-users] Kubuntu distribution packages

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at gatech.edu
Thu Mar 22 22:10:38 GMT 2007

Donn wrote:
>> fine, thanks for info. And when next LTS is planned to be issued?
> No idea. Dapper was a 3 year desktop thing, so what's that? 2009ish?
>> As for your's last paragraph, i do not think so :) Redhat, Canonical are
>> commercial organizations, no charity. They compile distributions for
>> making money. And I think they should be interested in making update
>> procedure as smooth as it possible.
> Well, I don't actually know. I'm not at all sure that all the folk who 
> contribute to the total thing we call "Kubuntu" are being paid to do so. I 
> could be wrong.

Of course they're not.  Not all (K)Ubuntu developers are paid, and
Ubuntu relies on many unpaid Debian developers, who rely on upstream
developers (some unpaid again) ad infinitum.

Matt Flaschen

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