[kubuntu-users] Re: [kubuntu-users] Kubuntu distribution packages

Alexander Smirnov smirnoff at mail.nnov.ru
Thu Mar 22 09:58:22 GMT 2007

Donn wrote:
>> That's very bad. Dapper is LTS and many people use it because it's so.
>> Upgrading to Fiesty via Edgy - sounds like a reason to look other distros.
> From my imperfect understanding of things, there seems to be a "promise" that 
> one LTS can upgrade to another. So if you stick to Dapper until the next LTS 
> version (Wiley Whatever) then you *should* be able to upgrade to that one. 
> That's what I'm counting on and that's why I am starving myself of all the new 
> versions of KDE and Firefox etc. in order to have a stable system for the 
> longest period. 
> I think it strange that Linux seems to work this way, but then again it's a 
> complicated O/S built by volunteers. That I have three bytes in a row I can 
> actually use is a real miracle, and I appreciate the hard work others do for 
> me without expecting anything in return.
> /d
fine, thanks for info. And when next LTS is planned to be issued?
As for your's last paragraph, i do not think so :) Redhat, Canonical are 
commercial organizations, no charity. They compile distributions for 
making money. And I think they should be interested in making update 
procedure as smooth as it possible.

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