eric einfall at
Tue Mar 20 16:07:50 GMT 2007

Hi all-
I have been struggling with KMail for a bit now.. Here are the specs:

2 accounts, both IMAP
one sending account
both accounts work fine on my Macs, and using Evolution or Thunderbird on my 
Linux box.


I have to restart KMail after waking up from hibernation, otherwise the 
folders do not load.
I get multiple copies of the same message, sometimes as many as 10.
Every time I click on one of the inbox folders, the messages disappear, then 
reappear (this is the worst of them all).

Any help would be great.. Otherwise, I have gotten the system run run well. 
This Kontact/ KMail issue has me miffed tho..

Thanks in advance. 

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