After upgrade the sound system ceased to work

Olli Tammilehto olli at
Tue Mar 20 10:09:54 GMT 2007

Last autumn I upgraded Breezy to Dapper. For my disappointment the Ars 
sound system stopped to work. No system sounds and most sound 
applications do not function. For example Amarok opens but gives no 
sound, it freezes and must be stopped by killing the process. I can play 
music through XMMS but even then sound quality is not good: it is choppy 
- about evey 10 seconds the sound flow is interrupted for some milliseconds.
    In Breezy the sound system worked perfectly. I tested recently the 
Breezy by live CD and still it worked perfectly.
    I tested also the Edgy by live CD: the same problem, no system sounds.
    Have anybody any idea what to do? Is the new Feisty solution for 
these problems?
                   Olli Tammilehto

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