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Sun Mar 18 21:45:17 GMT 2007

Le 18 mars, 07

	Michael I appreciate your experience and comments however I do not share your 
	Teaching to others how to do things  is part of our world... nobody is 
eternal.  I have come to realize this when I experience the death of my 
brother who was very successful in stock investment but never shared any of 
its with us... He died at 65, alone,  with a bank account full but with 
nobody to visit him... and a post-mortem fight to separate his money.., The 
lawers will end up with the biggest chunk!

Denis Gaulin

Le Mars 18, 2007 04:23 PM, D. Michael McIntyre a écrit :
> On Sunday 18 March 2007 3:43 am, Donn wrote:
> > Ron, I beg you to please go and post a formal howto on the Ubuntu forums.
> > That way your experience will help thousands (maybe) of others rather
> > than being lost in a mailing list and search results.
> This gets back to something I was reading on /. the other day.  If you
> recommend Windows, and something goes wrong, it's Microsoft's fault.  If
> you recommend Linux, and something goes wrong, it's all your fault.
> In that light, I'm loathe to go out on a limb and try to write a mini HOWTO
> about how to get hardware like this working.  I had a piece of hardware
> similar to Ron's, complete with an RPM driver that had to be converted with
> alien.  I tried to do my part for king and country (or something, uh, we
> don't have a king in this country, unless it's Bill Gates), and what I got
> was years of people bugging me with questions about that stupid piece of
> hardware that I only managed to keep working for a few weeks, before the
> whole delicate house of cards came tumbling down.
> I wound up taking a sledge hammer to that stupid printer.
> I'm not saying Ron shouldn't do whatever he sees fit.  I'm just thinking
> about why I no longer try to save the world in that fashion.  It's a good
> thing for Linuxdom that not everybody around here is as bitter and jaded as
> I am.  :) --
> D. Michael McIntyre

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