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anthony baldwin anthonybaldwin at
Sun Mar 18 18:16:19 GMT 2007

Earl Violet wrote:

>Before I started with Kubuntu and this group, I subscribed a few
>other groups. I'm VERY pleased with the level of courtesy and
>patience of this group and the Debian Sparc group. No flaming or
>discourtesy to speak of. (sometimes THERE IS a need for a 2x4) 
>I don't see Kubuntu as extremely superior technically to other
>distros I've tried. My recommendation is based on the newbie joining
>this group. People, especially newbies, get very discouraged and
>often quit Linux because of flaming over a simple question that, to
>them, isn't that simple.
>Keep it up, all. This is what makes Kubuntu/Ubuntu great.

Are you trying to start something?
Who asked for your opinion?!
This is comlete OT and has no place on this list!
What, are you a troll or something?
Why don´t you check the archives or RTFM!

...err, rather,
I have to agree, being relatively knew to Kubu, coming from another distro,
that this group is quite user/newbie-friendly, and, above all,
seems to have a great sense of humor.


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