kernel build... howtos don't help

Fred Schaer fred.schaer at
Sat Mar 17 11:37:49 GMT 2007


I downloaded the ubuntu kernel using "git" (I patched it with the 
core2duo coretemp stuff), and I'm now trying to build this...
I followed the howtos, looked in google, in the kernel docs, but I'm 
still stuck.

Whenever I try to compile this 2.6.20 kernel using the new "debian way" 
(the debian/rules thing), I get the following error :

[lots of things]
====== making target build [new prereqs: stamp-build]======
sed: can't read Module.symvers: No such file or directory
make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/ubuntu-2.6/debian/build/build-386'
Checking module listings...

Modules have gone missing:

[all modules to build listed here]

Will not continue!
make: *** [build] Erreur 1

..... Uh ? I read in the kernel docs that the Module.symvers file had to 
be built using a whole kernel build, and I suceeded in buildin it using 
the "old debian way" (make-kpkg --rootcmd fakeroot --initrd 
--append-to-version=fred kernel-image kernel-headers).

Unfortunately, this old way failed at the end just before it built the 
packages... anyway, I got this damn Module.symvers file. Now that I got 
it, I had to clean the kernel sources tree (the debian/rules file was 
not the original one - why ??) and retry the debian/rules stuff... to 
see that it's still failing saying modules have gone missing....????? 
Now, it doesn't complain about the file missing, but it says nothing 
else than in the previous error message.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)


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