Google Docs & Konqueror?

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Sat Mar 10 12:34:07 GMT 2007

Interesting ... in firefox, your link takes me directly to my GoogleDocs and Spreadsheets ...

In Konqueror, I get the message

that I don't have cookies enabled [I checked and I do], but I also get an error message "cannot start the cookie handler", which I've never gotten before ...

Sorry I couldn't help :(

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Jonathan Jesse wrote:>>From what I can tell, this has been updated and fixed in Feisty.  I can verify > that Gmail works fine w/ Feisty Konqi.Please read the thread.  It is Google Docs and Spreadsheets( is not working with Konqueror.  Does that work in Fiesty?Matthew Flaschen-- kubuntu-users mailing listkubuntu-users at lists.ubuntu.comModify settings or unsubscribe at:

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