A useful application for the windows key?

Andy aegoss at vicnet.net.au
Sun Mar 4 01:24:49 GMT 2007

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> Subject: A useful application for the windows key?
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> What can I do with the windows key on my keyboard? It is like it is jsut
> sitting there.....is it possible to map it to the k-menu like the windows
> key is mapped to the windows menu in windows? How?
The Windows key can be assigned from within applications. I use it in Kmail to 
give me a quick way of changing the email header display so I can cut/paste 
it when reporting spam - Win + s (standard) and Win + a (all). It is done in 
Configure Shortcuts. I have not tried any other application as yet, but Kmail 
can't be the only one.

Andy Goss

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