Internet access

arcorreia antonioricardo.correia at
Sat Mar 3 20:01:39 GMT 2007

> > Isn't PPPOE (PPP over Ethernet) use by cable Internet access
> > proviers too?
> Not any I'm familiar with.  They use a standard cable modem without
> special authentication.

>I agree.  PPPoE is not this user's problem.

>I'm not sure what's going wrong here.  If nobody else has any bright ideas, I 
>can boot a Kubuntu CD on my laptop and try to play with it.  I can set up a 
>similar environment with a choice between a wireless router and an ethernet 
>cable.  I wound up pulling Linux back off that laptop though (unfriendly 
>hardware), so it will take some tinkering to set this up.  Else I would have 
>just gone ahead and done it, and shared the results, rather than writing 
>about what is possible.

What is going on is that I want to roll back from wireless access to ethernet 
access and everything I try fails.
The actual negotiation with the ISP is made by the router, it gets an address 
through DHCP and in turn my computer gets one from the router.
Wirelless works flawlessly both in my desktop as in my laptop. When I 
configure my desktop to stop using wireless and start using ethernet I don't 
manage to connect. I don't know where to go from here to make it work.


PS - This a cable ISP not DSL but as I said it's the router that takes care of 

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