Acer Aspire 5101 Turion 64

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Sat Mar 3 17:54:29 GMT 2007

Le Samedi, 3. Mars 2007, Nigel Ridley a écrit :
> Joan Tur wrote:
> > Es Divendres, 2 de Març de 2007, en Nigel Ridley va escriure:
> > | I checked on the web but couldn't find much in English :-( about
> > | installing Linux on an Acer Aspire 5101 laptop (AMD Turion 64).
> > |
> > | Anybody had any joy in installing *ubuntu (or have any info about any
> > | Linux distro) on this machine.
> >
> > At you'll find a few 51xx entries (5100,
> > 5102 and 5112), that will probably match your hardware.
> >
> > Hope that helps  ;)
> Thanks but I had already checked out what was there and, apart from a
> French 'link' (which, as far as I could tell, had nothing to do with the
> Acer laptop) there wasn't any other useful information.

Oh but it is related: the link points to a Blog so you have to search the 
archives :-)

I can resume it for you: everything worked fine, except:

integratedOrbicam doesn't work (but keep in mind that this is the case for 
_most_ of the integrated webcams as the manufacturer only provides drivers 
for Windows, so it does not depend on the laptop manufacturer alone. Expect 
similar problems with Lenovo). Check the forums for this, there is a french 
report about managing to make it work for 30 seconds here:

- integrated cardreader 5in1 doesn't work (which very much surprises me as 
usually this is not reported elsewhere, I for example use an external 
cardreader 5in1 and never had any problems to mount it)

Keep in mind that until this date, there is not a single manufacturer who 
optimises all its hardware for Linux. So expect drawbacks everywhere with 
isolated hardware, Lenovo is not better than the other ones. And especially 
with newer laptops you should not be surprised to have to do a lot of 
searching in the forums.

BTW, do you really need an AMD64 processor? Stick with Intel, especially also 
for the graphic cards as they are the only ones to provide free 3D drivers.

Greets, Myriam
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