Starting "beryl-manager" at login

John L Fjellstad john-ubuntu at
Thu Jun 28 22:33:14 UTC 2007

Chris <kubuntu at> writes:

> Thanks John for your efforts,
> No the Beryl icon is not in the tray..and yet when I run it from command
> it runs find. 
> There are no errors when starting Beryl from the command line. It works
> fine. 
> John is the last line of the Autostart file "" suppose to be
> "fi"?

I remember having this problem when I first installed it.  Now, if I
could just remember how I fixed it...

Basically, the way it's supposed to work is beryl-kde.desktop gets
read by KDM.  Here, it calls /usr/bin/startkde with $DESKTOP_SESSION
environment variable set to beryl-kde.  In, we check whether
this environment variable is set to this, and if yes, calls

What we now have to check is what $DESKTOP_SESSION is set to and whether is called at all.

So, try this.
below the #!/bin/sh (and above the if statement) add the following line

echo $DESKTOP_SESSION >> /tmp/log

Save the file, and log out and log back in.  A log file has been created
in /tmp.  Look at the file and tell me what it says.
It should say beryl-kde, but if it says something else, let me know.

You can also try to see if beryl-manager is called at all by commenting
out the if statements.  Add a # in the beginning of the if and fi line

John L. Fjellstad
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