Looking for other OEM's that Pre-install Kubuntu

Jerome B Newell bnewell at clear.net.nz
Thu Jun 28 04:02:11 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-06-27 at 08:29 -0400, Chris wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am new to Linux (although I worked with Suse for 9 months...I still
> feel rather lost) but trying to learn as much as possible in the
> shortest amount of time...I don't feel that successful so far.
> I'm the owner of a small computer manufacturing and service company.
> I'm trying very very hard to offer  most model computers with Kubuntu
> preinstalled. However it has not been easy.  First, the documentation
> compared to Ubuntu is little.  I bought a book on Ubuntu and it's pretty
> good at explaining everything about Ubuntu...but none of the Gnome
> specific information applies directly to Kubuntu.  It's really a major
> waste of time translating nearly everything that is taught about Gnome
> (Ubuntu) and trying to find the equivalent of that application in
> Kubuntu.
Try www.kubuntu.org/documentation.php and download the guide for
whichever version you are using. These guides contain a lot of
information about Kubuntu, about 81 pages in pdf format so that they
could be printed and supplied with each computer. 
Hope this is of some help

Jerome B
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