Kubuntu Feisty using up all my 1.5gb of RAM...

kk karlok at fastmail.fm
Thu Jun 28 02:57:20 UTC 2007

Ronnie Tucker wrote:
> KSysGuard reports that of my 1.5gb of RAM, 1.4GB is used and i'm using a 33mb 
> swapfile. The swapfile was enabled when i only had the 512mb of RAM.
> But after a log out/in and NOT running Compiz Fusion, i'm still using up 1.3gb 
> of RAM...
> Surely KDE, on initial boot, shouldn't use all that RAM?
> And in KSysGuard nothing seems to be running amok... very odd...
> Any help on this would be greatly appreciated folks... i need all my RAM for 
> Compiz Fusion!   ;D

Both my desktop with 1 gb ram and my laptop with .5 gb ram show 33 mb 
swapped out, even though I haven't come close to using up the ram on either.

The disk cache does not get emptied when you log out and in again.  I 
tried it.

- Karl

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