Testing... and a question

TerraNova terranova66 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 01:51:58 UTC 2007

I'm checking my ability to post to this group because I've tried to answer 
a couple of questions in the group (about 915resolution last weekend and 
Chris's question re:kcontrol - which got somewhere because he responded to 
it), but I haven't seen my postings.  I've checked the settings in my 
Kubuntu account online and I see that " receive my posts" is enabled.  I 
also enabled "get confirmation of post".  I hope I get a confirmation of 
this post...

And I've seen enough of "Testing - please ignore" in my time to feel that 
even testing should have something worth reading in it.  So here goes.

I've been using Linux for a number of years, starting with Redhat 4.1 and 
I'm now using openSuSE 10.2.  This is my first go at a Debian based 
system.  I've installed the LAMP server and Xubuntu on one computer and 
Kubuntu (dual boot with XP) on another.  Now I want to install Kubuntu on 
my laptop, which is my "production" machine and which has a lot to lose if 
I mess it up.

/home is on a separate partition and I don't usually format it.  I can't 
really see a problem with leaving it alone and formatting the root 
partition.  However, I have a lot invested in Kontact (email, addresses, 
calendar appointments, etc).  The trouble is, I'm not entirely sure where 
the different components are stored.  I can see the mail and the 
addresses, but I can't find the calendar and todo data.  Can someone point 
me at it?  It's not in /home/myname/.kde/share/apps/korganizer which is 
where I'd expect it.


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