Kubuntu Feisty using up all my 1.5gb of RAM...

Ronnie Tucker ronnie at ronnietucker.co.uk
Thu Jun 28 01:49:56 BST 2007

I had 512mb of RAM and recently stuck in a 1gb stick, so now I have 1.5gb of 
RAM. Initially I thought Compiz Fusion was the culprit of using up all my 
RAM, not so.

KSysGuard reports that of my 1.5gb of RAM, 1.4GB is used and i'm using a 33mb 
swapfile. The swapfile was enabled when i only had the 512mb of RAM.

But after a log out/in and NOT running Compiz Fusion, i'm still using up 1.3gb 
of RAM...

Surely KDE, on initial boot, shouldn't use all that RAM?
And in KSysGuard nothing seems to be running amok... very odd...

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated folks... i need all my RAM for 
Compiz Fusion!   ;D


e: ronnie at ronnietucker.co.uk
w: www.ronnietucker.co.uk

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