Problem with permission of a new user

jerry jerryturba at
Wed Jun 27 10:35:28 UTC 2007

galette at wrote:
> Hallo everyone,
>  I 've just create e new user in my kubuntu efty edge 
> and I'm experiencing two problems.
> First The new user can't open my 
> usb memory device because "he hasn't the permissions"
> Second: if I log 
> in in the new user after I logged in in my principal user I can't 
> access at the sound system.( I have had the same problem on a Mnadrive 
> 2006)
> The first problem is more important now
> How can I give the 
> permission to read from usb memory card and cd/dvd device?
> Thank you 
> best regards
> Alessia

Have you tried to use System Settings--->User Management to add   the 
new user to the relevant groups? I would use the groups that your 
regular user in in as a template for adding the new user to new groups, 
assuming you want the new user to have the same permissions and the 
regular user.

Remember to have any user log out and in again after making changes to 
their groups.



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