k3b, evolution, and vim

adams k7qo at commspeed.net
Wed Jun 27 17:22:32 UTC 2007

Yesterday I was using k3b to create a CD from the kubuntu 7.04 desktop
i386 ISO.  I left the system alone while I was working on another
project.  I came back and the CD had been ejected, but k3b had the
system locked up.  Only the cursor was operational by using the mouse.
All Vulcan-graphics-death-grip key combinations were non-responsive,
so the old push and hold the power button (the Compaq Presario has no
P/S power switch) for more than 5-seconds to reboot the system.

k3b has this problem and one other.  When making multiple disc copies,
the sync of the eject and load functions are such that when a copy is
burned, the disc is ejected and then immediately reloaded.  I have to
do a front panel CD/DVD burner eject using the button on the drive.
This winds up being a pain when doing a number of multiple disc


After rebooting the system above, I thought that evolution was not
going to automatically restart as it usually does, since I run it
in the background and when I log back into the system it restarts.
I did a "evolution &" from the command window and low and behold
two copies of evolution were running.  I'd think that evolution
would check for this and not allow it as it does cause problems
with user owned data-base files and syncronization.  Don't do
this at home, please.

Mr McIntyre and Mr Lang, both gave me options to try to get
the vim auto-relocate to last working position upon restart
on editing a file.  Neither worked for me.  It seems there
are one or more steps additional to the file changes in order
to get this to work.  It is still work-in-progress to get
this feature going.

Thanks, and I apologize for three-problems in one postings.


Chuck Adams

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