default run level

jerry jerryturba at
Wed Jun 27 09:42:07 UTC 2007

Jeyson David Polanco wrote:
> HI people
> where can I change the default run level on Edgy???? it is 2???
> /etc/**???
> only by shell access
> thanks

On my edgy system it is runlevel 2.
Run the command runlevel in a terminal:
$ runlevel
See man runlevel.

Apparently to change the default runlevel it is necessary to edit 
/etc/event.d/rc-default. I have not tried this. If you don't know what 
you are doing you could get your system into a lot of problems, like 
continually rebooting.

the commands:
sudo init (0-6)
sudo telinit (0-6)
will change the current runlevel for the current session only.

I am not aware of any gui means to change the *default* runlevel.

See man init and man telinit.

BTW I am curious why    would you want to change the default runlevel?



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