Starting "beryl-manager" at login

John L Fjellstad john-ubuntu at
Wed Jun 27 14:07:17 UTC 2007

Chris <kubuntu at> writes:

> Ok well I see the option when I login...but it doesn't actually start
> the "beryl-manager".  
> I added the first file in the .kde/Autostart by navigating to it in the
> GUI not the terminal I created this file by right mouse clicking and
> choosing "create new text file....does it matter?
> Here is the contents of that file.
> #!/bin/bash
> if [ $DESKTOP_SESSION == "beryl-kde" ]; then
>         /usr/bin/beryl-manager
> fi
> The saved name of this file within the Autostart folder is ""

Make sure this file is executable.  If you use the GUI, just right click
on it and look at the Properties for the file.  Make sure that under
Permissions tab, the is executable is selected.

> The other file is located in usr/share/xsessions and is named
> "beryl-kde.desktop".  This file contains:
> [Desktop Entry]
> Encoding=UTF-8
> Name=Beryl-KDE
> Comment=This session starts KDE using beryl as window manager
> Exec=/usr/bin/startkde
> Icon=
> Type=Application
> Is this correct, or should the "Exec=/usr/bin/startkde" be something
> else?

No, it should be startkde

Do you get the diamond in the system tray?  If so, you have to tell
beryl manager to use the beryl window manager and not kwin (the KDE
windows manager).  

Do you see any difference?  What happens when you try to run
beryl-manager manually?  Open a terminal, and just type beryl-manager.
Does it print any error messages on the terminal?  Does it work?

John L. Fjellstad
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