Looking for other OEM's that Pre-install Kubuntu

ac "aec$news" at candt.waitrose.com
Wed Jun 27 14:36:03 UTC 2007

Chris wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am new to Linux (although I worked with Suse for 9 months...I still
> feel rather lost) but trying to learn as much as possible in the
> shortest amount of time...I don't feel that successful so far.
> I'm the owner of a small computer manufacturing and service company.
> I'm trying very very hard to offer  most model computers with Kubuntu
> preinstalled. However it has not been easy.  First, the documentation
> compared to Ubuntu is little.  I bought a book on Ubuntu and it's pretty
> good at explaining everything about Ubuntu...but none of the Gnome
> specific information applies directly to Kubuntu.  It's really a major
> waste of time translating nearly everything that is taught about Gnome
> (Ubuntu) and trying to find the equivalent of that application in
> Kubuntu.
> Second, there are many questions of the best way to produce, test and
> sell PC's with Linux on them...I can't seem to learn enough about Linux
> (Kubuntu) fast enough...maybe if I knew more...some of these question
> would be answered by me....I hope. Sometimes I feel that some of the
> questions and problems that I run across never really get resolve
> completely....that is scary in a retail/OEM market where we have to
> solve customers support needs in a timely manor.  
> As an OEM I would like the Kubuntu PC to have the ability to run very
> well with the add on features that makes Kubuntu (and Linux in general)
> what it should be. I'm referring to things like Beryl Desktop effects
> and menus that make sense.  Most customers will be coming straight from
> MS Windows XP so there may be some minor mods and configuration changes
> that should be made prior to the release or delivery of the machine.  
> Using the OEM installation off the Kubuntu Alternate CD is a good
> start..but I'm not sure it's all that I would need.
> What I'm asking is...is there any other OEM/systems builders
> (professionals please) out there that does what I am trying to do that
> is willing to share their experience with me as to supporting Kubuntu to
> the end user, hardware setup (which I have done a lot of testing) such
> as chipset's that are being used and other information related to this?
> I talked with Dell (really didn't want to do that!) to dig into the
> hardware information that they are using with there new PC's that come
> with Ubuntu.  After the mixed results testing lots of different Intel
> chipsets and CPUs I just wanted to see what Dell was willing to use in
> their computers and try some of that.  
> I would like to find out if anybody else has attempted the testing that
> I have and what the results were...if any.
> Any feed back would be great appreciated.
> Thanks very much for any input on this subject.
> Chris

I cannot give a full answer, although I trust you are aware of the 
'central' database at
which may give some contacts?

Also Chris, where (country and area) are you located? (If you were in 
my local area I would be keen to support your operation on a committed 
volunteer basis, either advice comments or much more hands on).

Kubuntu user

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