simple howto for file sharing

Tim M southern.tim at
Mon Jun 25 18:49:13 UTC 2007

I have two Kubuntu computers and I am having trouble networking to them. The
one (newly installed system on my old computer) pops up in Konqueror/Samba
Shares, then MSHOME and right on the screen there is this computer. However
if I try to connect to it from this computer using the same method I only
"see" this computer. In Ubuntu I didn't have problems with this. I could
connect to server click on ssh enter my ip address and the other info and
connect. KDE must see things differently because no matter how I try I
cannot connect using (in Ubuntu) Connect to Server. Can anyone point me to a
good howto for doing this. I have looked at a half dozen and they are WAY
over my head.
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