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adams k7qo at
Mon Jun 25 18:30:43 BST 2007


I am looking for the option that allows me to start up
editing in a previous file where I left off.

I had this option by default on a previous distro that
I was using for more than 6 years, but lost it when I
switched to kubuntu 7.04.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm
not going back regardless of the results of this question.

Previously, when I did "vi filename" and I had worked on
"filename" before vim would bring up the file and place
the cursor at the last character position where I had
left my work in progress.

Possibly some one within this large group remembers
how to do this.  The manual does not show me the option.
I assume that there is some line in .vimrc, which by the
way is missing in my home directory.

Thanks in advance,

Chuck Adams, K7QO   k7qo at   personal web page

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