copying home movie DVD's

Nigel Ridley nigel at
Mon Jun 25 17:13:38 BST 2007

Our daughter just celebrated her Bat Mizvah and I wanted to send a copy of the 
traditional 'matzeget' home movie, which is shown at the evening party, to my mum 
in the UK.

I copied over the files (2 directories) from the original DVD to my hard drive. I 
then opened up K3b and used 'Create a Data DVD' from the options and proceeded to 
burn to a blank DVD.
The burn finished successfully except that I can't view it on my Linux box 
(windows and the TV's DVD are OK) as all the files are owned by root! :-( How 
come? How do I burn it so that it can be viewed on any Linux box?

I did see another burning option for DVD's - 'New Video DVD Project' under 
'Further Actions' - I suppose that is what I'm looking for but I didn't want to 
waste another DVD before asking.



OliveRoot Ministries

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