Could not run an .exe file with wine

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Mon Jun 25 11:57:36 UTC 2007

On Monday 25 June 2007 04:14:18 Laurent wrote:
> Hi there! As a newbie i've installes wine through adept manager and now
> want to run a local .exe file. I have added it to wine configuration but I
> simply can't find a way to start the app... What else do I have to do to
> get that working? I'm running Kubuntu 7.04 on a x86 system.
> Laurent Asorne
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In addition to the other great bits of advice, you may want to look at the 
type of program you're trying to run.  I think wine is only compatible with 
higher-level executables like games and such.  Lower level programs like VPN 
clients and such I don't think will run in wine.

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