Terminal Syntax

Ian Whitfield whitfield at federalsaints.net
Mon Jun 25 07:43:25 UTC 2007

Hi all - Me again (as I said still lots to learn... Wish the book I 
ordered would arrive!!!)

Can someone help out with the syntax in a terminal? I want to try and 
test run a Windows program I use under Linux as the Linux equiv is 
missing one key feature I need. So I have loaded Wine to do this.

Looking up how Wine works I can find no way of running directly from the 
CD so I created a folder and copied the contents of the CD to this 
folder. I understand I now have to open a Terminal, CD to the folder and 
run the EXE.

I can see the folder and it's path (/Home/Ian/Max Folder) in Konq but in 
the terminal window I can only CD to Home! Whatever I try it says "no 
such folder". I have tried every variation of Syntax I can think of!

Why can I see it but not CD to it???

Thanks as always
* Ian Whitfield*/* */*
Pretoria, South Africa


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