laptop will not hibernate

Xurxo F. xurxo13 at
Sun Jun 24 10:11:23 UTC 2007

2007-05-27 (日) の 12:13 +0200 に O. Sinclair さんは書きました:
> Hi,
> Jan Torben Heuer wrote:
> > Hi, my laptop wont hibernate (DELL Latitude D810).
> > 
> > Any Ideas, where I could have a look for the problem? Maybe a problem with
> > the fglrx drivers? I took the drivers from ati, not the ubuntu packages.
> > 
> I

It may not have any relation to your problem, but my work laptop doesn't
hibernate or suspend if I'm using compiz (well, it hibernates but it
won't come back). I use the nvidia packages from the ubuntu
repositories. On my dell 630m (intel graphics card) it works flawless.

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