Lost all alsa sound - Thinkpad X60, 7.04

dimitris dimitris at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 01:51:02 UTC 2007

dimitris wrote:
>> I did get a BIOS "nvram checksum" error on reboot a couple of days ago,
>> and I wonder if that has something to do with it.  As I said above
>> though, XP is having no problem playing PCM sound...
> Hmm, this seems to have been the cause/trigger for the problem.  I did a
> BIOS "reset to factory defaults" and sound came back.  There are no BIOS
> settings for sound, but resetting probably clears/resets the nvram and
> that fixed whatever the problem was...

And, to close this bad netiquette trifecta of replying to myself, this
was all because I had forgotten this little nugget:


after I went through the BIOS config following the nvram checksum
incident, I disabled the modem, breaking sound in the process.


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