Help me correct a bland screen -- screenshots included

anthony baldwin anthony.baldwin01 at
Fri Jun 22 01:40:03 UTC 2007

Robert Tilley wrote:

>My KDE desktop is extremely bland and lifeless compared to my Windows box.  
>There are many beautiful screenshots of extravagant desktops, but I'm always 
>puzzled why mine is so lifeless.
>If someone could review these links to screenshots and offer some advice, it 
>would be most appreciated.
>Thanks, Bob

You just need some pretty desktop decorations like these:


--------BEGIN GEEK CODE--------
Version: 3.1
GED/FA/H/L$ d-- s-:-- a C++ L+++ W++ w--- M PS++ PE-- PGP+ t+ tv-- b++++ G e++++ h---- r++++ y++++
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