Interesting (wierd) X-server video errors

Terence Simpson stdin at
Thu Jun 21 23:50:23 UTC 2007

Larry Hartman wrote:
> On Wednesday 20 June 2007 06:52:51 pm Terence Simpson wrote:
>> Larry Hartman wrote:
>>> OK, I tried to install Beryl-KDE-xgl a couple weeks ago on my robust ATI
>>> XPress 200M failed.  I figured it would not go....
>>> I purged the whole lot and gave up on it.  No big deal.  I removed all of
>>> the configuration files and sym-links that the instructions had me
>>> create.  No big deal.
>>> At about the same time--I am unsure if this correlates with my attempt at
>>> Beryl--I began getting an unusual error on the video.  When I switch to
>>> virtual terminals ALT-F1-6/F8-9, I get a screen filled with vertical
>>> flashing colored stripes.  The terminal still works, but is invisible to
>>> the user.
>>> I have the same symptoms with both the opensource and the ATI fglrx
>>> drivers, which led me to believe this is an x-server issue.  So I
>>> reinstalled X-server, no change.  Just to make sure that it had nothing
>>> to do with KDM, I switched momentarily to GDM, then purged and reloaded
>>> change.
>>> The good thing in all of this is that the KDM/KDE is still
>>> I am not dysfunctional.
>>> Would like some advice to troubleshoot this....also presents another good
>>> Linux learning opportunity.
>>> Larry
>> Don't know exactly how/why this happened, but it sounds a lot like a
>> problem I experienced when I used my video cards frame buffer device and
>> X together. What will probably help is to disable the frame-buffer module.
>> I'm not sure what that module is, but you can start with "lsmod | grep fb"
>> then just add the name of that module to
>> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-framebuffer
>> Hope that helps,
>> Terence
> output of lsmod | grep fb:
> fbcon                  41760  0
> tileblit                2688  1 fbcon
> font                    8320  1 fbcon
> bitblit                 6016  1 fbcon
> vesafb                  8196  0
> Is the vesafb the mod you are speaking of?
> I have fglrx running--proper output of fglrxinfo--so why would vesafb be 
> running simultaneously with fglrx?
> Larry
hmm, no, that's the same output as I get. Not sure then


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