installing program in kubuntu

Donn donn.ingle at
Thu Jun 21 08:18:25 UTC 2007

> Wait a minute.  I said something wrong there.  :D
Heh :)

> One of the main reasons it annoys me is because it's too stupid to
>   firefox foo/bar.html
Weird - works 100% for me. Perhaps your 'firefox' is not calling the right 
startup script or something?
Also, if FF is open and I do the above, I get a new tab.

> It doesn't even speak relative paths.  
Well, I just tried:
firefox ../fundy.html
(From a sub dir to test) and it works too.

Calm down Mike... Don't explode man. PROZAC! Nurse! Quickly Nurse!
:D :D

> It was obviously never conceived for 
> people who keep 10 Konsole tabs open and spend 40% of life at the command
> line.  How lame.
Mythbusted ;)

> It's lame in myriad other ways too, but I use it for the pages that
> Konqueror doesn't want to render legibly with my non-default too-large
> fonts.  
Which is kinda lame of Konqueror ... Just saying. <ducks>

> Lots and lots of pages--eg. my Google homepage--refuse to render if 
> the minimum font size is set too high in Konqueror.
I gotta crank up the font sizes to 16 pointisherpixelwhatevers before I can 
read an article. Man I hate those websites where everything looks like spider 

> Konqueror is much better integrated into KDE though, and since I'm a
> jabbering, rabid KDE fanatic, integration is good. 
Oh yeah. Konqy does fit the bill. I use it as the default for links in kmail 
and desktop urls etc. I just find I do my heavy lifting in FF.

> It would never sell.  Opinions are like...  Oh, nevermind.
Opinions are like BackOrifice -- every Windows user has one, but they don't 
know it!

> people either tend to think I'm funny or think I'm the world's biggest
> asshole.
I like ya well enough. You're the worlds biggest funny asshole :D <runs>


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