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D. Michael McIntyre michael.mcintyre at
Thu Jun 21 02:19:25 BST 2007

On Wednesday 20 June 2007, Donn wrote:

> > Kubuntu never had Firefox as the default for anything my friend.  I would
> > have noticed that, because it would have pissed me off royally, and I
> > would have had to figure out how to fix it.
> I meant that it was installed by default.

Sure you did.  You're just trying to cover your tracks now that I've proven 
I'm wrong and you're right.

Wait a minute.  I said something wrong there.  :D


> I find FF much slower to render pages, but I like its honesty and really
> enjoy the control I get via extensions. It's the better browser imho.

One of the main reasons it annoys me is because it's too stupid to

  firefox foo/bar.html

Instead, you have to

  firefox file://home/me/somewhere/foo/bar.html

It doesn't even speak relative paths.  It was obviously never conceived for 
people who keep 10 Konsole tabs open and spend 40% of life at the command 
line.  How lame.

It's lame in myriad other ways too, but I use it for the pages that Konqueror 
doesn't want to render legibly with my non-default too-large fonts.  Lots and 
lots of pages--eg. my Google homepage--refuse to render if the minimum font 
size is set too high in Konqueror.

Konqueror is much better integrated into KDE though, and since I'm a 
jabbering, rabid KDE fanatic, integration is good.  (The only non-KDE apps I 
run willingly, other than command line apps, are the GIMP and, 
plus assorted audio apps like Rosegarden and friends that aren't truly part 
of KDE.)

> BTW I don't think I'll ever stop enjoying your cranky-rants. In fact, you
> should publish a book : "Michael Rants," subhead, "Pick a topic, any topic;
> sucker"
> :D :D :D

It would never sell.  Opinions are like...  Oh, nevermind.

I hope nobody takes my brutal polarization on every issue too seriously, 
although my highly polarized nature is polarizing in of itself, in that 
people either tend to think I'm funny or think I'm the world's biggest 

(Don't ask my wife which one of these she would choose.  ;D)
D. Michael McIntyre 

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