is it indeed difficult to install a program in feisty fawn?

Eric ejazzkatt at
Wed Jun 20 11:26:03 UTC 2007

dicky s wrote:
> hi all.. i am so glad that many member put comments in
> my previous question. i tried your every
> suggestions,but no one worked. let me figure out what
> actually happened : i inserted the cd,i clicked the cd
> icon in desktop,it opened,then i found the setup file
> (a look-like-gear icon) and click it,an open with..
> window showed,i chose adept manager,entered my
> password,clicked ok, but nothing happened,adept never
> ran.linux ran as if i did nothing before.. the same
> condition exist if i chose adept installer.

Hi Dicky,

Try leaving that version of Firefox alone. Don't use it.

Try opening adept. There should be a version of Firefox listed. Install 
that one. If you don't see Firefox listed in adept, then there is 
something wrong with your repositories that adept is using. If that's 
the case, I'm sure someone can help you to check or configure your 
repositories. It's very simple to do.


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