installing program in kubuntu

Donn donn.ingle at
Wed Jun 20 06:19:30 UTC 2007

> Kubuntu never had Firefox as the default for anything my friend.  I would
> have noticed that, because it would have pissed me off royally, and I would
> have had to figure out how to fix it.
I meant that it was installed by default.

> I have no clue how to configure the 
> default web browser for KDE applications,
K->System Settings->KDE Components

> (I know I'm a minority, but I have never liked Firefox at all.  Barf.  I'd
> rather use IE7, truth be told.
I find FF much slower to render pages, but I like its honesty and really enjoy 
the control I get via extensions. It's the better browser imho.

BTW I don't think I'll ever stop enjoying your cranky-rants. In fact, you 
should publish a book : "Michael Rants," subhead, "Pick a topic, any topic; 
:D :D :D

Cheers mate,

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